1. Paste the Chinese characters and can only enter
<: input>

  code is as follows:  

<Input >Only Chinese
<Input> Block input <Input style="ime - mode: disabled" >Can only input English and Numbers
<Inputonbeforepaste="clipboardData. SetData (' text 'clipboardData. GetData (' text'.) replace (/^/d/g,")) ">Only Numbers
<Inputonbeforepaste="clipboardData. SetData (' text 'clipboardData. GetData (' text'.) replace (/^/d/g,")) ">

can only show, can't modify

  code is as follows:  

<Input readonly value="http://www.jb51.net//web/can only display, cannot be modified" >Only Numbers, judge key value
<SCRIPT language=javascript>

1. Text boxes can only input Numbers code (decimal cannot input)
<: input>

  code is as follows:  

<Input type="text t_value=" "o_value=" ">

4. Only can input letters and Chinese characters
<: input>

  code is as follows:  

<Input name="input" type="text" id="title" >

<Script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" >The function JHshNumberText (a)
var fa="";
the if (Dr. Alue. Substring (0, 1)=="-")
var STR=(Dr. Alue. Replace (//^ 0-9./g, ")). The replace (/[.] [0-9] * [.]/, '. ');
the if (STR. Substring (0, 1)==". ")
STR="0" + STR;

1. The dotted box when the cancel button, add in the input attribute values hideFocus or hideFocus=true
<Input type=" Submit" value=http://www.jb51.net//web/" Submit " Hidefocus=" True"/>

2. The content of a read-only text box, add the readonly attribute values in the input
<Input type=" Text" Readonly/>

3. Prevent back to empty TEXT documents (for class reference style content do)
<Input type=" Text" Style=" Behaviors: url (# default# savehistory); "/>

4. The ENTER key can make the cursor move to the next input box
<Input type=" Text" Id="art580"> # 0 - #

This concludes the body part