Javascript is quite widely used in today's web, it can add interactivity to web page. Javascript to regularly repeat HTML text simplified, reduce the download time. Javascript can respond to user actions, to submit the form even if check, don't need to waste time to CGL. Javascript's characteristic is endless, as long as you have originality. So what is the javascript in web usage, below I to specific about it.
Javascript to join web there are two ways:
1, directly add HTML document
this is the most commonly used method, most web pages contain Javascript are using this method, such as:

in this case, we can see a new tag: , and location is not fixed and can be included in the ... The and ... Any place of the .
, reference way if there is a Javascript source files (for js extensions), then you can use this method of reference, to improve the utilization rate of program code. The basic format is as follows:

the Url is the address program files. Also, such a statement can be placed in any part of the HTML document to the head or body. If you want to achieve &other; Direct insertion way &throughout; An example in the effect, can first create a Javascript source files &other; Script. Js” , its content is as follows:
the document. The writeln (" this is Javascript! Use direct insertion method. ") ;
in a web page can invoke application like this:

This concludes the body part