's official web address: https://www.mongodb.com/download-center? Jmp=nav#community

" I downloaded the download of the 3.6.5 version after the completion of the following steps to install

select custom installation mode


when the installation is completed Center ">

shows that mongod.exe is a MongoDB server, mongo.exe for MongoDB client

to enter the directory of the installation directory, open the command line, enter the following command "

see the following information. The /file_images/article/201805/2018052111181937.jpg ">

MongoDB client connects

to the CMD command under the bin directory, entering" Mongo "or" mongo.exe ", which shows the following information that the server side is successful.

MongoDB make Windows services

mongod --dbpath "D:Program FilesMongoD

BServer3.6datadb" --logpath "D:Program FilesMongoDBServer3.6datalogMo

ngoDB.txt" --install. The log directory

--install: makes windows service

--serviceName: the name of windows service

2: start the MongoDB directory that is just made in the window:

net OngoDB services:


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