As we all know, if you want to learn or use DOS, install a DOS and practice is very necessary. Ms-dos 7.10 is a very good and strong practical operating system, and is very strong compatibility and performance. In ms-dos 7.10 installed in the system, you can use the ms-dos 7.10 installation program will automatically ms-dos 7.10 installed into the system. Ms-dos 7.10 installation program are graphics/menu interface, using guide type. Through the installation process, you can easily install the ms-dos 7.10 to hard disk.

ms-dos 7.10 installation program features: full graphics mode operation, can choose the installation path (the default is C: \ DOS7), installation (installation, completely installed only DOS command, minimum), etc., and support and Win9x peaceful coexistence, automatic recognition system of the existing Windows NT/XP/2 k or the old version of DOS (such as ms-dos 6. X), and allows users to choose whether to make dual boot automatically.

the ms-dos 7.10 can run directly on the hard drive after installation Win3. X, Win9x etc, because Win3. 9 x/x is just under the DOS GUI program.

support plug-ins (at the back of the post have a plug-in download, such as PDOS95, CCDOS97 plugin, Windows GUI plugins, etc., and has a collection of plug-ins downloaded)!

note: if the hard disk is not partition or formatting, the installation program will automatically such as hard disk partitioning, formatting, activate the partition operation. And then continue ms-dos 7.10 installed.

you can directly use floppy disks installed version, which completes the installation diskette first, and then use after installation disk 1 start the system, automatically ms-dos 7.10 the complete installation (or use the hard disk boot SETUP inside also run directly after rows), according to clew to proceed to complete the installation.

ms-dos 7.10 installation program download address:

setup disk 1: (required)
setup disk 2: (optional)

can also be both the IMG 1.44 MB floppy image into a CD of 720 k, 1.44 MB and 2.88 MB boot image for installation. Here are ms-dos version 7.10 CD install ISO:

installation CD:

the IMG file, please use the HD software, such as COPY or WinImage will expand it to a floppy disk and start the can. And it also can be in a Virtual machine (for example, Virtual PC, VMWare, Bochs) under normal operation completely! So the virtual machine can also down testing or using the ms-dos full install version 7.10.

best before installation, please read the following article, there are also some screen shots, etc. :

the following is to install a screen capture of the interface:

This concludes the body part