code is as follows:

<Div class=&throughout; Friend_love &throughout; >
<H2 >That may be of interest to people </h2 >
<Li> </li>
<Em> Have someone </em>
<Span> </span>
<A class=&throughout; More” >More </a>

you see if you can understand why so I write, every line of code are considered, including the style name. I said not weibo the front end of the staff is not so good, because the front-end code should be written according to project plan, the back-end data rendering and adjust accordingly, but if you only do the front in terms of writing, writing the code should be simple enough for the first time, and clarity. Through the above HTML code, you can layout your style:

  code is as follows:  

friend_love h2 {}
friend_love ul {}
friend_love em {}
friend_love span {}
friend_love. More {}

you can also comment in the stylesheet: friend_love/* */;
if in another page also needs to call such a module, you can copy very well, so a module, named after the two style, you still worry about naming? Perhaps em this element is only need to fill in the float: left style, so congratulations you, you even write the style don't have the necessary, directly in the global structure in the label calls. The CSS style: <Em class=&throughout; Fl” ></div> , why is fl, please refer to the global. The left floating in the CSS style definitions.

said earlier, CSS architecture is different from person to person, because of the project size different, I don't have any reason to let you use my not be verified whether mature or reasonable, just think it can be used, and it's better to start!

This concludes the body part