believe that everyone should know, WeChat recently updated, there was a small game "jump", to play the quite interesting but purely to fight hand, play for a long time, finally got 135 points with a first, don't think of a friend was brush down, the highest is 200 points, so I think if auxiliary development is good, and simple Xiangleyixia game

highest first for the game interface and

"color: #ff0000 >" take a look at the interface

". Then:

press release on the screen at a certain time can jump, jump to the front of the pattern in Figure 1 points, according to 2 points (a plurality of continuous intermediate accumulated 2 points, such as the first 2 second 4 third 6 points the highest cumulative score 32) other rules don't say that

under the arrangement of the realization of the principle, is actually very simple: is black at the bottom to compute intermediate pattern distance, then debugging time, good time after time to calculate the best X of a pixel, and then after each test the black bottom to the pattern in the center distance *X

a good theoretical knowledge to practice.

1, first to get a mobile phone screen image and display on the inside of the WinForm program

2 Let the customer clicks on the bottom and the black pattern center (according to the picture to get the two points seems a bit difficult at least my present technical difficulties)

3, press and hold the long time simulation screen

screen to get pictures we can according to the Android adb.exe to get to this, but I something not too familiar with Baidu a few screenshots command 1, command 2 transport commands and


adb shell /system/bin/screencap simulation of sliding -p /sdcard/screenshot.png (SDCard

adb pull to save /sdcard/screenshot.png (d:/screenshot.png)

adb shell to save computer) input swipe 250250300300100 sliding four coordinates the last one is the time of

to achieve good the method can find the code

 / / / < summary> / / / / / / < ADB command; /summary> / / / < param name= "arguments" > < /param> / / / < param name= "ischeck" > < /param> / / / < returns> < /returns> private; string cmdAdb (string arguments, bool ischeck=true) {if (ischeck& & HasAndroid! String.Empty) {return}; string RET = string.Empty; using (Process) Process (P = new) {p.StartInfo.FileName = Program.AdbPath; / / @ "C:Androidsdkplatform-toolsadb.exe"; p.StartInfo.Arguments = arguments; p.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false; p.StartInfo.RedirectStandardInput = true; / / to redirect standard input P.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = true; p.StartInfo.RedirectStandardError = true / redirect standard output; / / p.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = true redirect error output; (p.Start); RET = p.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd (p.Close); (return);} RET}



 / / / < picture click event; summary> / / / / / / black bottom position < /summary> Point Start; / / / < summary> / / / / / / < or dot pattern in the center position; /summary> Point End; private void pictureBox1_Click (object sender, EventArgs E) {var (me = (System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) (E)); if (me.Button==MouseButtons.Left) / / press the left button is black at the bottom of the coordinates (Start = {(System.Windows.Fo Rms.MouseEventArgs) (E).Location else (if);} me.Button = = MouseButtons.Right) / / press the right button to black at the bottom of the coordinates {End = ((System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs).Location (E)); / / direct calculation two distance double value = Math.Sqrt (Math.Abs (Start.X - End.X) * Math.Abs (Start.X - End.X) + Math.Abs (Start.Y - End.Y) * Math.Abs (Start.Y - End.Y)); Text = string.Format ("the distance between two points: {0}, need to press time: {1}, value,.ToString (3.999022243950134 * value) (" 0 "); //3.999022243950134) this is the best time to cmdAdb me through many simulation and get me the resolution the (string.Format (" shell input swipe 100100200200 {0} (3.999022243950134 * value),.ToString (0)));}}

as core The code is done or not.


finally release effect, but was I (female ticket hand cheap is a screenshot, screenshot when the hand touch screen to press down on the jump. Or I have to brush to 1W

" I estimate the fraction of pure hand compared with the estimated heart to the circle of friends to occupy the first place ha ha

source code to finally address:

http:// (

" summarized above is all the contents of this article, I hope this has certain content the reference value of learning to learn or work, if in doubt, you can exchange messages, thank you for the home of the


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