A web designer in mind would be a lot to do with his work related knowledge to fill. When it comes to CSS, it can help to design website, let design has more possibilities, in a more simple way to make your site more attractive, while using the traditional technology of these aspects is not easy to reach.
to the front page, CSS is a need to acquire skills preferred.
here are nine very practical CSS3 properties and use of skills,
the rounded effect about the rounded small make up have frequently heard in various discussions, implementation problems, shortcomings compatible difficulties, poor performance, and so on. Today's need is various new Web design development skills, so more and more front end and start using HTML5 page.
for HTML5, once upon a time must use pictures to realize demand, can now be done by code. And join in CSS3 &other; Border - radius” It will be used to directly define the HTML element with rounded corners, and support all of the latest version of the browser.

border-radius: 10px;/* CSS3 Property */
- moz - border-radius: 10 px; Firefox/* */
- webkit - border-radius: 10 px;/* */Chrome/Safari
- KHTML - border-radius: 10 px;/* */Linux browsers
# 0 - #

This concludes the body part