Recently in design on the old site has this problem, design good member center, content for margin: 0 auto; Center, open the web page the moment will place it to the left, into another page, the web and place it to the right, then left to put back, if often jump in the page, will see more dizzy, reason is the height of the web page is not enough, the right of the scroll bar will not come out, here the web width with the scroll bar wide, margin: 0 auto; , web is centered, but web page appears high to let the browser scroll bar, this page width of course will subtract the width of the scroll bar, this page will be left to put a little

otherwise, tao said, Ming don't understand? There should be a lot of people have this kind of circumstance, the solution is very simple, is in the style sheet (CSS) to the right scroll bars appear all the time, web browser high enough appeared right scroll bars, and let it out, the code is:

  code is as follows:  

HTML {overflow - y: scroll; }

This concludes the body part