1. In the new space to an original version of DEDECMS installed, and then put all the old station data, the data here refers to the file, but the configuration files under the root directory folder include config_base. All files under the cover to the new space outside the PHP

2. In the old website backstage management system - where data backup is the backup data, in this case, the data is DEDECMS oneself the background to backup files, such as using phpmyadmin tool for backup. DEDECMS, after the completion of the backup will back up files in the root directory of dede directory (default is dede, if you changed the, is you the revised directory) under backup_data folder inside, you'll find is that many text files.

3. In the new website to open the background (note: this domain name has been parsed into new sites), system management, data backup and restore data - began to restore data, direct reduction.

note: backup data specified when the backup data formats it is important to note that there must be consultation in advance the new space, then the decision is option 3. X/4.0 x or 4.1 x/5. X version, otherwise the backup error, the website can't get into again, just wait until you cry!!!! O (studying studying) o..

the first: the space between and space move

is the most convenient when moving between space and space, good master I said steps, 100% can successfully move, first everyone into DEDE background, select system - a database backup - all - then PM, here want to look at the database corresponding to the version you want to can and new space of the database version, or it will appear garbled. Wait a minute will prompt all the data backup is completed, according to the size of your database time not necessarily, after the backup, you open your FTP site, look at the data \ backupdata directory has a TXT file, this is what we backup the data just now, if not sure can have a look at file creation date. Then he placed the backupdata folder along with the contents of the downloaded to the local, to continue, the images, templets, uploads, plus the four all downloaded to the local folder. We finally get the new space to install DEDE program, will correspond to your version, installed after the cover several folders to the root directory, enter the backstage, choose reduction - data reduction system database, you will see your database information, click start restoring data after all, was soon finished, and then select your home page file, update the home page with respect to OK, so that we can finish the space to move.

the second: unable to backup the database background how to move

due to various reasons, our background into not to go, or the database can't backup, so how should I move there? First we use PHPMYADMIN into SQL database, this should take, not baidu once, select your database backup, then export to local, then put your original space to download all the files to your new space, to make the data in this folder. Common inc., the PHP file, modify your new spatial database account password and IP, then cover, it is ok, but not suitable for novice to use this method, unless there is really no way out, recommended the first removal method, this method more or less may be a little small problems, my website is from the space yesterday moved to VPS server, in this way the background cannot update, but soon settled, is a question of authority.

do website, domain name can generally change sex is not big, space can turn around. Will be involved in a transfer move to site data. To weave the dream content management systems started with Dedecms building site moved to method many, but effective and only one or two.

since Dedecms is compiled in PHP, and MYSQL database is needed to hold up a WEB site, WEB page area and data according to the reservoir is generally not in the same place, unlike ASP programming of sin, ZBLOG, Dorset, a new cloud, such as a WEB page and ACCESS database is exist together, can ZhengZhan move.

however, use a WordPress blog friends, can understand, written in PHP program web page open speed is ASP a bit faster, but the effect of static generated less than ASP. Let people wishing happy is woven dreams Dedecms content management system can realize the article addresses the static, and it's hard to pass.

and dream weaving Dedecms content management system to the website can also ZhengZhan relocation, as follows:

a, login to your DEDECMS background, found in the "system", "database backup/restore" will be "backup" database;

2, will all the files in the old space, all downloaded to your local computer;

three and to upload files to the new space;

4, in the new space to install DEDECMS system, method, in dreams to the official website to download a new installed system, the system in the "install" folder to space, to cover. Then, run the http:///install your domain name, for installation. It is important to note: the database table prefix must and the original database table prefix must agree (by default) operation;

5, after the installation, backstage, click on the "system" of "database backup/restore", "reduction" the data;

6, data generation, moving work to complete.

of course, there is an effect against the move WordPress blog:

a, the old files downloaded to the local of the space, through PHPADMIN, MYSQL backup to local;

2, upload web site files to the new space, database through PHPADMIN import;

3, modify, dede installed when fill in the database name and password, open the "include" directory config_base. PHP, download this file

to find the database connection information, the following parameters (the database name and password) it is ok to change the upload.

4, move over.

as to which approach is best, that's opinion, guess. Here as a reminder, if your web site for more than 20 m, mysql database is best to take the first method (also called reshipment method), because some of the quotient space database import has a size limit (generally not more than 20 m) - with heavy method can avoid this limitation.

dedeCms absolutely is detailed enough to move instructions - the official tutorial

because of the different virtual host space of mysql database name is not the same (because the prefix, used to know),

so want to backup the database first, and then into the new space reduction, generate HTML again.

(note: the new space and the MYSQL database version of the original station must also is above 4.1, or with is below 4.0, 4.0, lest appear problem. Check the version can be landing PHPMyAdmin version you can see how much is)

the new space to install the same version of dedecms system,

the name of the database and the database user name and password, of course, is to fill a new database,

set the database table prefix must and the original database table prefix is consistent, so as not to see the content.

Concrete is like this:

1. Log in the background, the backup database, the database backup file is saved in../dede/backupdata/), and remember the user name and password of log in the background.

2. Download the database backup file (i.e.,/dede/backupdata/this folder), website style template file (i.e.,/templets/this folder), and../upimg/this folder. (this is to save all upload files folder).

3. In the new space to install the same version of dedecms system, then set the database table prefix must and the original database table prefix is consistent, so as not to see the content.

(the name of the database and the database username and password, of course, is to fill a new database)

4. Upload the original station..//dede/backupdata and../templets/and../upimg/covered the three folders corresponding folder in the new space, thus the original station database backup files and website style template on the new stations.

5. Log in new space background >System Settings >Database management >Database restore for database recovery reduction, and then set the web site of the modified system parameters "(or" system variables "), the total station to generate HTML.

after the recovery of the database, the backend login user name and password to use the backup before the website backstage login user name and password.

the default character encoding different space of the mysql database, in order to prevent appear garbled, when you backup the old database to see the original code (usually Latin or GBK), restore the database to see if the new database to support you when you need to coding (some database does not support GBK), if the support choice recovered to the same code will not appear garbled.

This concludes the body part