IE browser from Internet explorer 8 added compatibility mode, after open the low version of Internet explorer. Compatibility mode is likely to lead to web page shows a problem, so we usually add the following code in the HTML to make IE use fixed rendering mode:

 code is as follows: 

<Metahttp - equiv="X - UA - Compatible" content="IE=8" > <! - in IE8 mode rendering - >
<Metahttp - equiv="X - UA - Compatible" content="IE=7" > <! - in IE7 mode rendering - >

there is a kind of situation, only under IE8 doesn't use compatibility mode page to display normal, but if set to IE8 mode, but will cause CSS3 failure in IE9. Need for IE8, IE9, it seems, to disable the compatibility mode, respectively. How to do? Can judge browser versions in the background, if is IE8 will output the content=" IE=8 " , if it is IE9 will output the content=" IE=9 " . Simple fact can also be done by HTML, HTML code is as follows:

 code is as follows: 

<Metahttp - equiv="X - UA - Compatible" content="IE=9, IE=8, IE=7, IE=EDGE" >

perfect after test can solve the problem of compatibility mode, IE after this setting sets the compatibility mode button will disappear, can press F12 open &other; Developer tools &throughout; To check the browser mode.

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