Here is the method of using fputcsv write a CSV file, directly to the browser output Excel file.

//output Excel file header, but the user. The CSV for the file name you want
header (' the content-type: application/VND. Ms Excel - ');
header (' Content - Disposition: attachment; filename="user. CSV" ');
header (" cache-control: Max - age=0 ');

//retrieve data from the database, in order to save memory, don't put the data at once read into memory, relative clauses, handle the line can be read
$SQL='select * from TBL where... ';
$STMT=$db - >The query ($SQL);

//open the PHP file handle, PHP://output said direct output to the browser
$fp=fopen (' PHP://output ', 'a');

$//output Excel column information head=array (' name ', 'gender', 'age' and 'Email' and 'phone', '... ');
foreach ($head as $I=>$v) {
//CSV Excel support GBK code, must transform, otherwise the code
$head [$I]=iconv (' utf-8 ', 'GBK, $v);

//the data through the fputcsv write file handle
fputcsv ($fp, $head);

//counter $CNT=0;
//every $limit line, refresh the output buffer, not too big, not too small.

//remove the data line by line, not a waste of memory
the while ($row=$STMT - >the fetch (Zend_Db: : FETCH_NUM)) {

$CNT + +;
if $limit==$(CNT) {//refresh the output buffer, to prevent the problem caused by too much data
ob_flush ();
flush ();

foreach ($row as $I=>$v) {
$row ($I)=iconv (' utf-8 ', 'GBK, $v);

} fputcsv ($fp, $row);

advantages of simple and easy to use, very save memory, do not rely on third-party libraries.


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