this article illustrates how PHP gets the inverse number K node in the list. To share with you for your reference, it is as follows:


input a linked list, output the countable K node in the linked list. The


notes that this topic is a return node, not a return value. The return value can be stored with a stack. The return node does not do this.

sets two pointers, which first lets the first pointer move k-1 times. Then the two pointer moves at the same time, and when the first pointer reaches the last node, the second pointer is on the countdown K node. Note: K

boundary length may exceed the length of the list, so when the first pointer next is empty, return to the null

 code < PHP /*class ListNode{var $val? VaR; $next = NULL; function __construct ($x) {$this-> Val = $x;}}*/ function FindKthToTail ($head, $k) {if ($head = = NULL $k ==0 return NULL ||); $pre = $head; $last = $head; for ($i=1; $i< $k; $i++) {if ($last-> next = = NULL) return NULL else; $last = $last-> next;} while ($last-> next! = NULL) {$pre = $pre-> $last = next; $last-> next;} return $pre;} 

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"math skills summary

hope the PHP program designed to help to everyone.

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