this article illustrates how PHP combines two sorted lists. Share to you for your reference, as follows:

input two monotonically increasing output list, the two list after the synthesis of the list, of course we need after the synthesis of monotone nondecreasing rules list.

solves the simple merge sort of

. Since the two sequences are already increasing, it is possible to take the smaller parts of the two sequences each time.

 < code; PHP /*class ListNode{var $val? VaR; $next = NULL; function __construct ($x) {$this-> Val = $x;}}*/ function Merge ($pHead1, $pHead2) {if ($pHead1 = = NULL) return $pHead2; if ($pHead2 = = NULL) return $pHead1; $reHead = new (ListNode) if ($pHead1-> Val; < $pHead2-> VAL) {$reHead = $pHead1; $pHead1 = $pHead1-> $reHead = next;}else{$pHead2; $pHead2 = $pHead2-> next;} $p ($pHead1& = $reHead; while; & $pHead2) {if ($pHead1-> val < = $pHead2-> VAL) {$p-> next = $pHead1; $pHead1 = $pHead1-> $p = next; $p-> next;} else{$p-> next = $pHead2; $pHead2 = $pHead2-> next = $p; $p -> next;}} if ($pHead1! = NULL) {$p-> next = $pHead1;} if ($pHead2! = NULL) next = $p-> $pHead2; return $reHead;} 

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" math skills summary

hope the PHP program designed to help to everyone.

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