in PHP to delete files and directories is actually very simple as long as the two function of a unlink is a rmdir function, if you want to delete directory and file directory we need to use recursion to operate.

function code: only delete files under the specified directory, do not delete the directory folder, the code is as follows:

 class shanchu {/ / recycling directory of all files function delFileUnderDir ($dirName=../Smarty/templates/templates_c) {if ($handle = opendir ("$dirName")) {while (false = =! ($item = readdir ($handle))) {if ($item! = & & "." $item! = ".." {(is_dir) if ($dirName/$item)) {delFileUnderDir ("$dirName/$item");} else if (unlink {// source code ("$dirName/$item")) echo "successfully deleted File: $dirName/$item< br /> n; closedir ($handle)}}}}};}

hypothesis need to delete all the files in a directory named "Upload", but no need to delete the directory folder, you can complete the following code:

 < PHP delFileUnderDir? (upload');? > 

php delete all code directory, as follows:

 function deltree ($pathdir) {echo $pathdir; / / debugging with the if (is_empty_dir ($pathdir)) / / if it is empty {rmdir ($pathdir); / / direct delete else {//} or read the directory, and $d=dir (except.. $pathdir (while); $a=$d-> (read)) {if (is_file ($pathdir.'/'.$a) & ($a; & & & ='.'!) ($a! ='..')) {unlink ($pathdir.'/'.$a);} / / if the file is directly deleted if (is_dir ($pathdir.'/'.$a) & ($a; & & & ='.'!) ($a) {// ='..'!) if the directory if (! Is_empty_dir ($pathdir.'/'.$a)) / / {// is empty if not call itself, but is the original path + his subordinate directory name deltree ($pathdir.'/'.$a);} if (is_empty_dir ($pathdir.'/'.$a) if it is empty) {// directly deleted rmdir ($pathdir.'/'.$a);}}}); echo $d-> close ("you must first remove all files" directory; / / I debugging with function is_empty_dir ($pathdir)}} {/ / judge directory is empty $d=opendir ($pathdir) while ($a=readdir; $i=0; ($d)) {$i++}; closedir ($d); if ($i> 2) {return false else return true;};}

PHP delete the directory and the directory of all files, the code is as follows:

 < PHP? / / delete the directory and file circulation function function delDirA NdFile ($dirName) {if ($handle = opendir ("$dirName")) {while (false = =! ($item = readdir ($handle))) {if ($item! = & & "". ".." $item! = {if (is_dir) ("$dirName/$item") {(delDirAndFile) the "$dirName/$item");} else {if (unlink ("$dirName/$item")) echo "successfully deleted files: $dirName/$item< br; /> n;}}} closedir ($handle); if (rmdir ($dirName)) echo" successfully deleted Directory: $dirName< br /> n;}} / / if need to delete a sibling directory called "Upload" that all the files in this directory, you can complete the following code: delDirAndFile (upload'); > 

> summarized above is small PHP unlink and rmdir delete directory and directory file code, I hope to help you, if you have any questions, please leave a message for me, Xiaobian will reply to you in time. Thank you for your support for the home website of the script!

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