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 < div id= to "wrap"; > < /div> 

container tag page is not restricted, only need to do is ID

 var address = new Address'wrap'showArr: ({wrapId:, ['provinces''areas'], beforeCreat:function,'citys'(console.log) {(beforeCreat)}, {(afterCreat:function) console.log ('afterCreat');}}) 
 wrapId: "wrap" / / where wrap is above the ID showArr: container ['provinces','citys','areas'] / / here on behalf of the provincial, municipal and district respectively, the ID 

container for example, if you pass an array of ['provinces','citys','areas'] of length 3, then there will be three provinces, a word in the array String are provincial, city and district id

as transfer array ['provinces', the length of'citys'] is 2, then there will be two provinces, a string in the array are the id

are summarized as what function needs to be added, can leave a message in the comments section, I try to meet. If there is any negligence or mistake, I hope you will point out. I will amend it as soon as possible so as not to mislead others.

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