in this article, Python is based on recursive and non recursive algorithms for finding the greatest common divisor and the least common multiple of the two numbers. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows:

the maximum common divisor and the minimum common multiple of the concept of everyone is very familiar with, here is not much said, today this is because when the problem encountered, so it is written down as a record, also hope to help others, the next is the code

! /usr/bin/env PY Thon #coding:utf-8 from fractions import GCD not recursively implement def gcd_test_one (a, b): if a. Print'Number is wrong!! def gcd_test_two recursive def gcd_test_two (a, b): if a> b: a. Print gcd_test_one (6,24) print gcd_test_one (0,24) print '- -- - --- print gcd_test_two (12,24) print. - -- 'print gcd_test_three (12,24) print gcd_test_three (12,8) 

results are as follows:

. ----------------------------------------------------

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