this article illustrates how Python saves the last N elements. Share to you for your reference, as follows:

: in the hope of iteration or a limited history of statistics

on the last recording process in other forms of solutions: collections.deque.

follows the code to do a simple text on a series of text matching operation, when a N line of text matching output matching line current and finally checked:

 from collections import deque def search (lines, pattern, history=5): previous_lines = deque (maxlen=history) for line in lines: if pattern in line: yield line previous_lines previous_lines.append (line) Example use on a file if # __name__ = ='__main__': with open ('somefile.txt') as f: for line, prevlines in search (F,'python', 5): for pline in prevlines: print (pline, end='') print (line, end='') print ('-'*20) 

, like the above code, is usually used to generate generator functions containing yield keyword when writing code to search for a record, decoupling the code that processes the search process from the code that uses search results. The specific generator can refer to the content of the station iterator and generator.

deque (maxlen=N) to create a fixed length of the queue, and the queue is full when adding a new element that will automatically remove the old record:

 > > > from collections; import deque > > > q=deque (maxlen=3) > > > q.append (1) > > > q.append (2) > > > q.append (3) > > > Q deque ([1, 2, 3], maxlen=3) > > > q.append (4) > > > Q deque ([2, 3, 4], maxlen=3) & gt; > > q.append (5) > > > Q deque ([3, 4, 5], maxlen=3) > > > 

, though you can do this operation on the list manually (append, Del), but the queue of this solution is much more elegant, running much more quickly.


 >>> q=deque() >>> q deque([]) >>> q.append(1) >>> q.append(2) >>> q.append(3) >>> q deque([1, 2, 3]) >>> q.appendleft(4) >>> q deque([4, 1, 2, 3]) >>> q.pop() 3 >>> q deque([4, 1, 2]) >>> q.popleft() 4 >>> q deque([1, 2]) >>>  

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