example code mainly realizes the maximum number of Python programming test computer to open the maximum number of threads, the specific implementation of the code as follows.

 /usr/bin/env Python #coding=UTF-8 #! Import threading import time, random sys, class Counter: def __init__ (self): self.lock = threading.Lock (self.value = 0) def increment (self): self.lock.acquire (self.value) = value = self.value + 1 (self.lock.release) return value counter (cond) = Counter = threading.Condition (class Worker) (threading.Thread): def run (self): Print (self.getName), "created." cond.acquire (#for) I in range (10): pretend we're doing something that takes # 10? 00 MS #value = counter.increment (time.sleep) # (random.randint (10, 100) / 1000 (#print) self.getName (cond.wait)). " Task "," finished "(cond.release) if __name__'__main__': try: for I = in range (3500): Worker (.Start) (start) # a worker except BaseException e: print": "type anomaly (E), e time.sleep (5) print" maxium "i=, I finally: cond.acquire (cond.notifyAll) (cond.release) (time.sleep) (3) print (threading.currentThread) (.GetName)," quit "


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