Python is used as a temporary test command to build the web test is the best choice;

CD switch to the current directory only need a python command to quickly set up a simple web server, Python and Linux with no additional configuration installation still feel good with

python; Web server command

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

can specify a port number is not occupied by any port, but must be able to pass through the firewall;

executes the above command, enter the IP address and port number directly on the


http://: port number / path such as:

if no index file support list


Python server contains:

BaseHTTPServer: provides Web services and basic treatment The device class is HTTPServer and BaseHTTPRequestHandler, respectively.
SimpleHTTPServer: contains the SimpleHTTPRequestHandler class that executes GET and HEAD requests.
CGIHTTPServer: contains the processing of POST requests and the execution of the CGIHTTPRequestHandler class.