the last review:
code is as follows:

img, object {
Max - width: 100%;

the statement typically add @ media screen and (Max - width: 481) judgments, mainly for mobile phone users in to view the web picture not is greater than the phone's screen.
code is as follows:

<Object width="230" height="179" type="application/x - shockwave - flash" data="" ><Embed src=></object>

replace it with:

  code is as follows:  

<Iframe SRC="" style="Max - width: 100% >" </iframe>

you can see, the two video way is different, youtube will be used in mobile devices display type embedded video embed directory, so most of the mobile equipment can normal to watch the video.
code is as follows:

type="application/x - shockwave - flash"
"always" allowfullscreen="true"
"opaque" width="480" height="400" ></embed>


  code is as follows:  

<Div> <The object id='sinaplayer width=' 480 'height=' 370 '>
<Param name="allowScriptAccess 'value=''/>
<Embed pluginspage=''
type=' application/x - shockwave - flash '
allowScriptAccess=' always'
width="480" height="370" ></embed>
</object> </div>

parameter Settings of the two similar, but the potato's code is much simple.

  As you can see, in pulling the whole process of the browser, the size of the video is not change, until the browser width less than the width of the video, the width of the video is smaller (using the above mentioned