, WeChat's recent jump is very hot. You can see hundreds of thousands of scores in the list, and then look at the score of 100%, it must be very sad. Is it my fault? It doesn't matter. If you follow me, you can also get your scores on the list.


, first of all, you have an intuitive feeling. According to the distance between two boxes, the time to press is also different. Generally speaking, a bold guess is proportional to the compression time and distance.

this is our working principle:

  • to calculate the initial point and the end point of the
  • to measure the distance distance and pressing time coefficient
  • ways to make mobile phone press the specified time
  • 1-4


  • adb debugging tools in jump page screenshot
  • it. Can assist screenshots and upload screenshots to the computer, mobile phone and control the pressing position and time of
  • python
  • python Pillow data base an image database, can obtain the image information of
  • python Matplotlib library with Pillow open the image and record the mouse to click on the local coordinates of


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