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please perform the following operations: start the Dreamweaver MX 2004:
select &other; Throughout the site &; >&other; Manage site &throughout; (i.e., &from other sites throughout the &; menu choices &other management throughout the site &;) . Appearance &other; Manage site &throughout; Dialog box.
in &other; Manage site &throughout; Dialog box, click the &other; New &throughout; And then from the pop-up menu select &other; Throughout the site &; . Appearance &other; Site definition &throughout; Dialog box.
if the dialog is shown &other; Senior &throughout; TAB, click &other; Basic &throughout; . Appearance &other; Site definition wizard &throughout; The first interface, asks you to enter a name for your site.
in the text box, enter a name to in Dreamweaver MX 2004 identified in the site. The name can be any name as needed.
click &other; The next step &throughout; . A wizard next interface, asked whether you want to use server technology.
select &other; No &throughout; Option, indicate which site is a static, not dynamic pages.
click &other; The next step &throughout; . A wizard next interface, ask you how to use your file.
select marked &other; Edit a local copy on my computer, and then uploaded to the server after the completion of (recommended) &throughout; The options. In the site development process there are many ways of document processing, novice web page making friends please select this option.
click on the folder icon next to the text box. Then there will be a &other; Select site of local root folders &throughout; Dialog box.
click &other; The next step &throughout; The next wizard interface, ask you how to connect to a remote server. From the pop-up menu select &other; No &throughout; . You can set the information for the remote site later. At present, the local site information to begin to create web pages is enough. Click &other; The next step &throughout; The next screen, the wizard will appear, showing you set the profile.
click &other; Complete &throughout; Complete set. Then appeared &other; Manage site &throughout; Dialog box, display your new site. Click &other; Complete &throughout; To shut down &other; Manage site &throughout; Dialog box.
now, has been defined for your site for a local root folder. Next, you can edit your web page.
网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 dreamweaver入门(2004版本):创建页面:
本节介绍如何应用Dreamweaver MX 2004创建自己的网页。
start creating your own page, you can use Dreamweaver MX 2004 start page to create a new page, or you can choose &other; Documents &throughout; >&other; New &throughout; , the following dialog pops up:
from the various design alternative of page layout in advance. For example: select &other; Basic page &throughout; HTML, and click the create button. Dreamweaver MX 2004 launches the workspace interface (a blank page) :
you can add in the blank page table and the input text editing. Page if you want to add images or other elements, should first save the blank page. Choice &other; Documents &throughout; >&other; Save as &throughout; In &other; Save as &throughout; Local root folder dialog box, browse to the site. Fill in the file name and save the exit.
website production of dreamweaver portal website production of dreamweaver portal basis dreamweaver tutorial: the general Settings page:
we have depicted the blueprint of the cabin, from now on, to our house. Open the 01. HTML, making a simple graphic mixed page.
a, the general Settings page
1, set the head content
the content of the page is not visible in the browser, but carrying the web page of important information, such as keywords, description text, etc., can also realize some very important functions, such as automatic refresh function.
the mouse the left key click insert toolbar button on the left side of the small triangle, in the pop-up menu, select &other; HTML” Items, &other; The file header &throughout; Button, open the drop-down menu, you can set the header content.
to set the title, page titles can be both in English and Chinese or symbols, and display in the browser's title bar. We directly in the design at the top of the window title bar input or change, you can finish the edit page title.
insert keywords, keywords to help search engines to find web pages on the network. To let more people see your website, the want to have a filling oh ^_^ click above &other; Key words &throughout; Items, pop &other; Key words &throughout; Dialog box, you can fill in the keywords.
insert META, META tag is used to record information about the current web page, such as coding, author, copyright, etc., can also be used to provide information to the server. Click in the above &other; META” Items, pop &other; META” Dialog box, in &other; Property &throughout; Column selection &other; Name &throughout; Properties in &other; Value &throughout; The value of the corresponding input text box, can define the corresponding information.
author— The author information, copyright— Copyright statement, generator— Web page editor.

Settings page properties click &other; Attribute column &throughout; The &in the other Page properties &throughout; Button, open &other; Page properties &throughout; Dialog box.
to set the appearance, &other; Appearance &throughout; Are some of the basic Settings page properties. We can define the default page text font, text size, color, background color, text and background image. We set all the margins of the page is 0.
Settings link, &other; Links &throughout; Options are associated with the page link effect within the set. &other; Link color &throughout; Define the hyperlink text by default font color, &other; Transform the image link &throughout; Define the color of the text when the mouse on a link, &other; Have access to links &throughout; Defines the color of visited links, and other Activity throughout the link &; The color of the defined activities link. &other; Underline the style &throughout; Define the underline of the link style.
to set the title, &other; Title &throughout; Used to set some properties of the title font. As shown in the figure below, on the left side &other; Classification &throughout; List &other; Title &throughout; , in this case, the title is not the title of the page content, but can be used in the specific articles on different titles at all levels in a headline font style. We can define &other; The title font &throughout; And the title of the 6 kinds of predefined font style, including bold, italics, size and color. According to its own like style Settings.
网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 dreamweaver入门(2004版本):超级链接:
  作为网站肯定有很多的页面,如果页面之间彼此是独立的,那么网页就好比是孤岛,这样的网站是无法运行的。 In order to establish the connection between the web page we must use hyperlink. Said &other; Links &throughout; Because it can link, such as: web, download file, website address, email address … … And so on. Here we discuss how to create links in the page.
"super links of the page"
in a web page, click the some photos, underline or express link will jump to the corresponding page.
1, in a web page is selected to do super link words or pictures.
2, in the properties panel, click the yellow folder icon, in the pop-up dialog box to select the corresponding web page file is completed. Hyperlink properties pane appears links to documents show. (pictured)
3, press F12 preview page. The cursor moved into the hyperlink in the browser will become the shape of the hand.
[tip] you can also manually enter the address in the link the input box. Add hyperlink to the picture of the method and the text is exactly the same.
if super links to a web page file. But the other documents such as zip, exe files, etc., when you click on the link to download files.
hyperlink can also directly point to address instead of a file, then click on the link to jump directly to the corresponding address. Write http://www.dushuwu.net link, for example, the box, then, click on the link you can jump to reading house web site.
the email address of the super connection 】
in web page creation, also often see some of these links. Click later, will pop up email programs, also have fill in the contact address. It is also a hyperlink. Producing method is: in edit mode, first selected to link text or images (such as: welcome letter advice!) , in the inserted bar points or insert menu selection &other; E-mail links &throughout; Pop the following dialog, fill in the E-mail address.
note: can the selected text or images, in the properties panel directly link box to fill in &other; Mailto: email address &throughout; . (pictured)
to create complete, save the page, press F12 preview page.
hyperlink 】 in 【 make picture
note that we are here in the picture links refer to implement multiple local area on an image to different web link. A picture of a map of China, for example, click on the different provinces to jump to different web pages. Clickable area is the hotspot. In order to demonstrate the production effect map of China I added some of the links below, you can use the mouse test. Hot spots, the mouse moved to the provinces will display a prompt, if there is a preset website, click to enter each other's website.

method 】 【 1, insert images first. Click the picture, using an on the properties of the panel drawing tools on the image map hotspots.
2, attributes panel change to hot panel as shown in figure: link input box: fill in the corresponding link. Substitution box: fill in your hint captions. Target box: don't choose the default open in a new browser window.
3, save the page, press F12 preview, with the mouse in the setting of hot test results.
tip: for complex hotspots graphics we can directly select the polygon tool for painting. Substitution box after fill in the text, the cursor on the hotspot will show the corresponding caption.
hyperlink target option in the properties panel.
&other; The target &throughout; We call it the target zone. That is super links to pages appear in the target area. By default the domain there are four options.
1) _blank: after you click on the link to the page in a new window.
2) _parent: replace with points to the page where he outside of frame structure.
(3) _self: will connect page displays in the current frame.
(4) _top: all frameworks, page appears directly in the browser. Tutorial
【 summary 】 this section mainly discusses the create page links.
1, internal links: link to this site to other documents.
2, external links: link to the document other than this site.
3, E - Mail link: click the link, you can open the visitor's email system.
4, picture hotspot link: your link more flexible more character.
网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 网站制作之dreamweaver入门 dreamweaver入门(2004版本):表格设计:
  表格是现代网页制作的一个重要组成部分。 Forms is important because forms can realize precise web page layout and positioning. In this tutorial we are divided into two steps. First of all look at form an instance of the operation. Then take a look at some form the basic method of operation. Before starting production form, the first thing we do to form the name of each part of an introduction.
a form horizontal lines, vertical column. Cross section is called a cell.
the contents of the cell and borders the distance between the margins. The distance between the cell and the cell spacing. The edge of the table is called a frame.
see we use the form below to make the pages of the instance of the
this page typesetting format, if use before we told by alignment could not be achieved. So we need to use form to do it. Is, in fact, use the form below to make the two lines of two columns.
1, the insert column, select the button or &other; Insert &throughout; Menu >Choose &other; Form &throughout; . System pop-up table dialog box. These parameters we've all met. Line: 2. Columns: 2. Retain the default values. All the rest of the parameters.
2, generates a form in the edit view screen. Form to the right, and right the black point is under adjustment form high and the width of handle. When the cursor can be adjusted respectively on the point-to-point form high and wide. To form the border line also can be adjusted.
3, hold down the left key of the first field in the table, drag and drop down to select two cells.
then choose the merged cell button in the properties panel. Incorporating form of cell. If you want to split cells, can use the merge cells button to the right of the button.
4, use the mouse to drag the border around the table to adjust to the appropriate size.
5, click on the left side of the cell, and then input &other; Photography appreciation &throughout; Text, and adjust the size, because is landscape should enter every word once. If need to adjust the size of the grid. Only need the mouse cursor can be moved to the border on the drag.
6, on the right side up and down inside the cell, respectively, insert images and text. Has the basic appearance of the page.
7, the cursor to form click on the border. Form a adjusting frame around, said to select the entire table. Then, in the properties panel &other; Border &throughout; Value for value, if is zero, the borders in edit status, for the dotted lines show, browse the sight.
a meet the requirements page in the table with the help of the ready.
we through the above operation for form to have a preliminary understanding. To tip a little, the whole picture form and in a cell operation, the corresponding property panel are different.
table color Settings, select the picture form, using the properties panel color selector to set the background color. Cell can also be set up separately. Click the mouse in the unit case that needs to be set, the rest of the operation.
let's take a look at the difference between these properties panel.
form the properties of the panel to appear must first select the entire table, the panel method has been mentioned above. You can fill in the required parameters. In the many options

is selected after cell properties panel will change as follows. Select rows or columns are selected cells.
operation of several commonly used ways to form:
merge: merge the selected continuous cell into a cell.
split: split a cell into the cell.
level alignment: divided into (l) (in) (right) three kinds.
vertical alignment: divided into (top) (center) (bottom) form (baseline alignment)
you can also add or remove rows or columns. Click the right mouse button in a cell. Option in the right-click menu options form >>Choice &other; Insert the row or column &throughout; . The system will pop up the dialog below.
you can fill in the data in the dialog box. Finally selected to form the method of the various elements in:
select a line, move the cursor to the left cell of the left bank, the cursor will turn into arrow. Click can select a row.
select a column, move the cursor to the top of the column of the cell, the cursor becomes a arrow, and then click select a column.
to select the entire table, move the cursor to the upper left or right border of the table or under the border line. Click to select the entire table. The selected table will appear in the surrounding a black box said the whole form is selected.
the selected cell. The cell can select multiple at the same time. Choose continuous cell, the cursor to select a cell, press the shift key, select the last cell. Choose discrete cells. Hold down the Ctrl key, cell can pick my need.
we use for table at this point, table is the basic technology of web page creation, only through constant practice can fully control. Dreamweaver primer (2004 version), framework technology: the framework

when browsing the web, we often encounter such a navigation structure. Is the super connection on target after clicking on the links on the left appear on the right. Or click on the link above, pointing to the target page appear below. To make such effect, must use a framework. In order to better understand what is a framework. We draw a schematic diagram for discussion.
this is a about the structure of the framework. In fact, such a structure is composed of three web documents. Outside of the frame is a file first, we use the index in the figure. The HTM. Framework, named A, on the left is pointing to A web page A.h tm. The right name for B, pointing to a web page is B.h tm.
here we make a framework from scratch. (left and right frame structure, for example)
1, point &other; Documents &throughout; Menu >New, pop-up &other; New document &throughout;
or in the inserted bar >The layout >Choose "framework: left frame"
Dreamweaver MX 2004 generated a blank page, the framework of
2, select "window" menu> &other; Throughout the framework &; , pop &other; Throughout the framework &; Panel. From the frame panel, the generated naming system around the frame. Left framework called: leftFrame, right framework called: mainFrame, of course you can frame properties panel to rename framework, I know this is very important. Create super link, according to its control points to the correct page.
3, preservation framework. Choice &other; Documents &throughout; Menu click &other; Save all throughout the &; . System pop-up dialog. At this point, save is a framework structure of the file. We conventionally named index. HTM.
save time if dotted box wrapped around a circle frame structure is kept.
the dashed over on the right is stored frame on the right side of the page.
the dotted enveloped in the frame of the left is kept to the left of the page:
save to complete three page.
4, below we will implement according to the links on the left, the corresponding page appears on the right. On the left make links on your page. Points to an existing page. Attention completes the link later, in the target column is set to the mainFrame.
6, set up, and save all, press F12 preview page. Links to pages that appear in the right frame.
7, repeat the above steps to finish the left frame all links, created a simple web site navigation structure.
framework has many benefits, but if you don't understand very well, easy to confuse. If your Web page is not much, you can create a Web page without using the framework to complete the function of the framework. For example, if you want to make the navigation bar displays at the left side of the page or at the top of the page can use frame, can be in each page contains the navigation bar without the use of the framework.

This concludes the body part