substr () method can be extracted in the string specified number of characters from the start subscript.

stringObject. Substr (start, length); Must start, the length is optional.
var s="abcdefg";

s.s ubstring (1, 4)//Returns "BCD"
s.s lice (1, 4)//Returns "BCD"
s.s ubstr (1, 4)//Returns "bcde"

s.s ubstring (2, 3)//Returns "ab" is actually the s.s ubstring (0, 2) the parameters of the smaller will be in front of the
s.s lice (2, 3)//Returns "CD" is actually the s.s lice (2, 4)
s.s ubstr (2, 3)//Returns "cdef" is actually the s.s lice (2, 4)

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