Want to be a page using css3 rounded corners and shadow effect, but ie browser does not support, also heard that before, plug-in can be realized in online on Saturday found a way, the original text is as follows:But all front-end engineer, all know IE6, IE7 and IE8 does not support, or do not fully support the CSS3 properties.CSS3 has a lot of very powerful, brilliant effect, for instance, rounded corners, shadows, transparent gradient, a gradient background, and so on.Because Internet explorer 6 times, there is no standard, and because of various reasons, IE6 users almost don't update the IE version.Support for IE6, IE7 and IE8 CSS3 effects, there is a train of thought is to use VML simulation.Is The VML Vector Markup Language (Vector Markup Language (XML), was developed by Microsoft's own thing, very powerful.That is to say, IE, below can make rounded corners using VML. Translucent, shadow, gradient background.As early as last year, there is a foreigner in this line of thought into a plug-in, convenient front-end programmers develop...It allows IE6, IE7 and IE8 support CSS3 effects...There has been a serious bug, the bug before look up today, the official correction of this bug, and increase the js rendering method (with behaviors before import).Take a look at how to call:1, in your page load PIE. The js script.Note that using IE special annotation to prevent the IE browser to download. 

  code is as follows:  

<! - [if lt IE 10] ><Script type="text/javascript 'SRC=" http://www.jb51.net//web/PIE.js "></script><! [endif] -- >2, use js invoked:$(the function () {If (window. PIE) {$(' rounded '). Each (function () {Gd: : PIE. The attach (this);});}}); 3, has been done.Taking everything in IE6 support CSS3 plug-in, this should is the best of the plug-in.Official real-time test example: http://css3pie.com/The official download: http://css3pie.com/download-latestTest the along while also not line, but is too careless, ignoring the two points, one is in the local preview is invalid, have reached the server environment, or the local server environment, 2 it is to forget to add in the CSS behaviors: url (pie. HTC); Caused by. Today finally tests available, but new problems again, I am using adaptive width, coupled with the horizontal scroll bar will appear, after remove, other cases normally, but also for text shadow seemed to have no effect, don't know if you encounter such problem have no, if want to use a friend can try
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