before the &other; In a web page to embed the system built-in fonts &throughout; Done a little research, although technically can achieve, but for the domestic, not much practical significance, because at least 20 m + style in a file, and each browser support font file also is different, that is, on the server side must have two or three different font file format, used to deal with each browser, you can see below the corresponding figure.
code is as follows:

@ the font - face {
the font-family: "hooray";/* to a custom font name */
SRC: url (' ');
SRC: url (' ') format (' eot),
url (' ') format (' woff),
url (' ') format (' truetype),
url (' ') format (' SVG ');

code is as follows:

the font-family: "hooray";

a complete demo download. Online demo

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