Bgcolor=" Text color " Background=" The background picture " Text=" Text color " Hyperlinked text color to highlight the links, links different color words usually used with other words, the lower end of the hyperlink text will also add a horizontal line. HTML text text hyperlinks have default color, also can customize the colors in the tag. Has three properties: (1) link: not visited link color 2 vlink: have visited link color (3) alink: mouse click on the hyperlink colors such as: the edge of the document, by default, the document shows the position of the frame has certain distance with the browser. Add attributes in the tag can pass the custom document edge and the distance of the window. (1) topmargin: the edge of the document above size 2 leftmargin: document on the left side of the edge size (3) rightmargin: the edge of the document on the right size (4) bottommargin: edge at the bottom of the document size, such as: the size of the edge here unit is &other; Pixel &throughout; .# 0 - #

This concludes the body part