opened a Ali cloud play, record built environment,

ECS Ubuntu running


 CD /usr/local # switch to the installation folder # download go # wall due to reasons, direct download official may fail here with a domestic forum WGet # extract tar -zxvf go1.8.4.linux-amd64.tar.gz MKDIR -p GOPATH # create directory goProject # set environment variables, using the VIM VIM /etc/profile export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin # add open working directory, you can add more than one working directory, with export GOPATH=/usr/local/GOPATH:/usr/local/goProject #: separated after the exit /etc/.profile

save source lost


 go env

if you see the information description of the go environment, the configuration is successful.

 sudo apt-get update sudo to install Git

apt-get install git

summarized above is Xiaobian to introduce the Ali cloud go development environment to build the process, I hope to help you, if you have any questions please give me a message, Xiao Bian will reply you timely. Thank you for your support for the home website of the script!

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build environment

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