Beef brisket in the news release system on the table in trouble, the trouble is that we is already written in the CSS to make table does not display the frame code, shown in Internet explorer is normal, but in firefox and Google browser display abnormal, each of the border of the table are shown out, because the browser has different but a lot of trouble, ah, but the teacher very carefully, it is found the root cause of the problem, because it automatically to the table controls generated rules so the parameters, and to the default value is all.

rules this parameter, it has three values (cols, rows, none), when rules=cols, form hides the horizontal separator line, or we can only see the columns of the table; When rules=rows, it hides the vertical separator lines, that is we can only see table rows; When rules=none, separation line will hide all horizontal and vertical separator lines, we can see a table outside the box. Take a look at the following contrast effects you will see
the solution is to change all to none can

the following are some of the commonly used table and not commonly used some of the properties, share with you I hope one day can bring help to you

element form is as the most commonly used web page making, arguably, most web pages are supported by form, no form of the web page is not absolutely perfect, also can't do is very beautiful. But for a long time, the use of table can say did not play its biggest role, this is because everyone to form the properties of the understanding is not thorough enough. Read the introduction below, the original problem troubling you, perhaps is very simple to solve immediately, at the very least, can make you more convenient when producing...

basic attributes are:# 0 - #

This concludes the body part