Believe many novice web friends like me, don't understand in the HTML element, tags, attributes, between what was defined, what is the difference between elements and labels. In order to understand thoroughly, I have search looked up some information, I will now conclude written, Shared and I have the same confusion of netizens:

a lot of people might not call which a tag, which is called elements this concept clear, include me too before, has been confused.
the concept between the two, in fact is very clear:
like <P> This is a tag;
<P> Here is the content </p> This is an element, that is to say element consists of a start tag and the end of the label, is used to contain some content;
there is a notable exception, namely <Br/> Itself is both the start tag and the end tag, but does not contain any content, so it is just a label.

1. The element :

HTML web page is actually composed of many different kinds of HTML element text files, and can directly run the HTML file in any web browser. So it can be said that the HTML element is to constitute the basic object of HTML files, HTML elements can be said to be a general designation. The HTML element is defined by using HTML tags.

2. The tag :

tag is <Head> , <Body> , <Table> Such as by Angle brackets &other; <Throughout the &; And &other > Throughout the &; Wrapped up the object, the vast majority of labels are in pairs, such as <Table> </talbe> , <Form> </form> . But a few, of course, is not come in pairs, such as <Br> , <Hr> And so on.

tag is used to tag HTML elements. In the text between the start tag and the end tag is the content of the HTML element.

3. Properties :

to HTML elements is HTML attributes provide additional information, it is always to " The attribute name=attribute values " This kind of the form of name-value pairs, and always attribute in the HTML elements are defined in the start tag.

sample :

<Html> <Head> <Title> Example title </title> </head> <Body bgcolor=" Red" > <P> This is the sample page </p> </body> </html> In this example, <P> This is the sample page </p> Is the HTML element, including &other This is the sample page &throughout; Is the specific content of the element. <Head> <Title> <Body> Is such as HTML tags, this is the label form the HTML elements. <Body bgcolor=" Red" > The bgcolor=" Red" Is the label attribute, which defines the tag should be how to specific configuration. In short, the difference between elements and label also need not too care about, we directly to the label referred to in practical work. And attributes, it is easy to understand, it is to add various HTML tags for additional information or the parameters of the configuration options.

This concludes the body part