, a lead recently contacted by idea, although I have all the code field artifact no more cold, a eclipse or MyEclipse, a Notepad++, a can I conquer, but still pretty love idea this artifact, though, especially in the pit of my memory.

two, text

vue running in idea, need to configure a certain environment, oh, first talk about how to crack idea bar.

1, idea

idea or 2015

install the best version of it, do not know who is suitable for Android development, but to develop Vue in front of a small friend, 2015 or use it for good, can not explain where the other version is not good, but is running a variety of chaos, well, love with you the other version is. How does

throw up the installation kit? Can who teach me?? Just install it directly.

idea download address:

idea artifact can do:

as a programmer, not understand English is not good, but still love with Chinese version of the editor, so, to

resources_cn.jar finished it directly thrown to replace the good, yes, this is OK

3, replacing idea Vue

configuration environment first, find the language items set in the settings


choose the ES6 option (as high force language, the Vue collocation or high force lattice ES6

second): add Vue plug-in

found in the plugins plugin settings, enter the input box to enter Vue enter, can find the corresponding Vue plugin (I have been installed, to search, click on install for


, restart, Vue environment is set up. Meme Da


and the end of such an introduction, oh, no reliable article came out, a little mistake that are not, yes, do not want to say, so I like it all up above the God

is this, I hope to learn some help, I hope you will support a script.

This concludes the body part