company's new project is going to start, need to use Angular 4, and use the webpack tool to pack. So you need to install node. Node installation is very simple, to download the MSI installer in the official website of node node, the latest version is v8.1.2 (open the official website, according to your system for the most appropriate version of your


download after successful installation, is installed by default to the C:Program Filesnodejs folder, then click next to complete the installation.

's computer is the first time to install node, and the computer in his home needs to update node.

is now entering the theme of this article, the installation of NPM and node under the windows system.

saw some questions on stackoverflow. "How do How", "how do we update"?

, said first NPM update:

to view your NPM version:

 NPM -v 

view the official documents that use the command NPM install npm@latest -g


red arrow indicates that the installation of the new version of NPM, here are some package files. When the

is installed, then the version number is querying, and it becomes 5.0.3.

two, again the node update:

online view is to install n sudo NPM install -g n module (cache cache sudo clear NPM NPM cache clean -f before), reference this article

but my computer is this: after the implementation of

we have to check in the cover time before installing node path, use the command where node

that I pre installed in the C:Program Filesnodejs folder. The overlay installation is the same as the first installation method mentioned earlier, but the installation path is the same path as before. After

, we will go to see the version of node again:

actually, installing node will update the version number of NPM synchronously, choose the latest node version, then NPM is also the latest version, so if you simply update NPM, you don't need to update node.

is the whole content of this article, I hope to help you, and hope that you can support a lot of scripting home.

This concludes the body part