We are in the mobile Internet era of rapid development, the smartphone and tablet is becoming more and more popular, some people even to the point of couldn't live without a smartphone or tablet. The popularity of smart phones and tablet, which means more and more users can access the Internet through mobile devices.
to access the Internet through mobile devices users more or less all had that experience: some sites at all, there is no website for mobile equipment, even so, most are not enough &other; Mobile friendly &throughout; , reading experience completely failed to keep pace with the traditional Web version; And in the different mobile devices, browsing experience is also very different, fueling frustration for many users.
according to related statistics, by 2015, the number of mobile Internet users will be more than desktop users. Besides smartphones, use tablet computers and even television to Internet users continues to increase. In this situation, how to make website compatible with various types of equipment as far as possible, and to ensure a good user experience, it will be more and more important problem.

mobile Internet era: responsive web design has become the trend of the family of the script

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