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transfer checkbox checkbox value of value is passed through a string, call the JS to get the selected checkbox traversal of boxvalue, then write in the hidden field, finally the object attribute composition submitted. See the code: `

 < front end: form:form commandName= "user" method= "post" > < c:forEach; items= "${deploys}" var= "deploy" varStatus= "deployStatus" > < input; type= "checkbox" name= "checkbox" value= "${deploy.id}" /> ${deploy.systemName} < br> < /c:forEach> < spring:bind path= "Id" > / / the actual storage value, hide < div; hidden> < form:input path= "Id" name= "Id" cssClass= "form-control" > < /form:input> < /div> < /spring:bind> < spring:bind path= accessControl "> / / the actual storage value, hide < div; hidden> < form: input path= accessControl" "Name=" accessControl "cssClass=" form-control "> < /form:input> < /div> < /spring:bind> < input type='button'value=' (fun) to determine the 'onclick='" /> / / call the script to data assignment < need post; div& gt; < button; type= "submit" > < preservation < a; /button> rel= "external" > nofollow /a> return < < /div> < /form:form> 




 @RequestMapping (rear: < / value = "editaccesscontrol" method = RequestMethod.POST / public) backend method, (User user, String editAccessControlPost ModelMap model user userMapper.updateUserAccessControl) {// receives the parameter object (user); model.addAttribute (user, user); model.addAttribute ("success", "permission to modify"); return "redirect:/user/editaccesscontrol? Id=" +user.getId (post checkbox); checkbox value of value}

more than this in SpringMVC (hidden domain) is small share To give you all the content, I hope to give you a reference, and also hope that you can support a lot of the script home.

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