In Word, the alignment of the paragraph, indent, paragraph spacing before and after period of attributes are familiar with, but, have you noticed that a paragraph of another very important attributes - the outline level (as shown in figure 1).

in fact, the paragraph outline level in many places are very useful, let's to look at it in detail the function and application (note: the following operations are done in Word XP, please reference, other versions).

A rapid positioning, use the outline level combined with the document structure of the systemWe open a document in Word, in the menu bar select "view -> document map" (as shown in figure 2), if this document has been outline levels at various levels have been set, we can see lot of well in the document map on the left side of the level of the directory. At this time if we are on the left side click on an item in the document structure, so in the right of the document, the cursor will automatically locate the corresponding position.

using the document map of this feature to view the document (especially long documents) will be very convenient.

(image is bigger, please pull the scroll bar)

Maybe some friends will say, how do I open the document in the document map can't see the item? Because the outline of this article is not set level, refer to figure 1, in addition to "the text" level paragraph does not appear in the document map, other levels of the paragraph will be arranged in the document map.

this arrangement is subordinate relationship, that is to say, the outline level to level 2 paragraphs from belongs to level 1, level 3 paragraphs from belongs to level 2... 9 paragraphs from belongs to grade 8. In the document map, click on the item of "-" or "+", collapse or expand can have dependencies of the items, this method and the left pane of the Windows explorer directories and subdirectories operation method is a bit similar.See the above principle, we can give the document section titles in the outline level have been set, to take advantage of the document structure rapidly to check the document. In practice, I found that some people use format to brush set outline levels to the section titles, it is indeed a good method, but this is not the best way. Because we are generally use "style" for document layout, and the paragraph itself is included in the "style" of the outline level Settings, so we just give paragraph is applied the correct "style", the outline of the paragraph level is automatically set.

so how do we set the level of the outline of the passage? We would like to introduce below setting methods and techniques.

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