The following is a duplicate record delete the problems.

there are two duplicate records, the meaning of it is completely duplicate records, that all fields are duplicate records, 2 it is part of the key fields duplicate records, such as repeated the Name field, and the other fields do not necessarily repeat or repeat can be ignored.
1, for the first repeat, it's easy to solve, use the
select distinct * from tableName
you can get no duplicate record of the result set.
if the table need to delete the duplicate records (duplicate records reserved 1), can press the following method to delete the

select distinct * into #Tmp from tableName
drop table tableName
select * into tableName from #Tmp
drop table #Tmp

this is the cause of repeated loose table design, increase the only index column can be solved.

2, this kind of repeated issues often require retain duplicate records in the first record, operation method is as follows,
suppose you have repeated fields for Name, Address, and ask for the two fields only result sets

select identity as autoID (int, 1, 1), * into #Tmp from tableName
select min (autoID) as autoID into #Tmp2 from #Tmp group by Name, autoID
select * from #Tmp where autoID in (select autoID from #Tmp2)

the last select taken both the Name and Address do not repeat the result set (but more a autoID field, actual writing can write save this column in the select clause)

This concludes the body part