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if the user directly to view the article list, then all the comments and comment box is not show, but if the user through other pages such as personal home page dynamic positioning directly to this post, so all comments should be displayed. And list page and view A single entry page is the same page, this requires that I judge whether the user positioning to the journal, and if it is, it triggers the click event of A tag by JS.
I tried some methods at first, assume that A label and button is>
var comment=document. GetElementsByTagName (' a ') [0].
if (document. All) {
//For IE
comment. Click ();
} else if (document. CreateEvent) {
//FOR DOM2=document.
var ev createEvent (' HTMLEvents');
ev. InitEvent (' click ', false, true);
comment. DispatchEvent (ev);

} </script>

createEvent (eventType)

parameter description
to access the Event object module name.
about effective event type list, please refer to the "instructions" section. Returning values

returns the newly created object of the Event, with the specified type. Thrown

if the implementation supports need event types, this method will throw code for NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR DOMException anomalies.
this method will create a new event type, the type eventType specified by the parameters. Note that the value of this parameter is not to create the name of the event interface, but the definition of the DOM interface module name.
the following table lists the eventType and legal value of each of the Event interface created value:

Event interface parameters initialization method
iniEvent ()
iniMouseEvent ()
iniUIEvent ()

after using this method to create the Event object, must use the table shown in the initialization method to initialize the object. Detailed information about the initialization method, please refer to the Event object reference.
this method in fact is not defined by the Document interface, but by the DocumentEvent interface definition. If an implementation to support the Event module, the Document object will realize DocumentEvent interface and support the method.

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