This article mainly introduced the python pycurl library instances of usage, which can realize the function of the web, read from the specified url need friends can under reference

in this instance the python pycurl library usage, share to everybody for your reference.

this example code web pages, read from the specified url is mainly pycurl library use.

Concrete realization method is as follows:

#define a classClass a CallBack:"" "For pycurl"" "Def __init__ (self) :"" "Constructor "" "self.data""Def func (self, data) :The self. The data= + dataDef urls (md5, location=", "option={}) :C=pycurl. Curl ()F=CallBack ()C.s. etopt (pycurl. URL, "http://XXXXXX/getUrl.php?key=%s" % md5)C.s. etopt (pycurl WRITEFUNCTION, f.f unc)C.p erform ()Arthur c. lose ()Return f.d ata

hope described in this article to the Python programming help.

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