recognize html5 tags:
code is as follows:

<! Doctype html>
<HTML lang="en" >
<Meta charset="utf-8" >
<Title> Document
<Nav> Nav

<Aside> Aside


effect came out, and don't want to know that this a few browser is deny these label, so just a line of text: nav value;
modern browsers and both are normal block-level tags, so have a newline.
I risked try psychology, try adding style to nav and value labels.

 code is as follows: 

nav {color: red; }
value {color: blue; }

natural also not line, so I add a class, and add the style? Also failed.
the search on the net, the reason is the birth of older browsers don is not these labels yet, natural won't recognize. Solution is also, that is, add the following script in the head, the browser to recognize this is a label, so CSS also can smoothly apply colours to a drawing.

 code is as follows: 

the document. The createElement method (" nav ");
the document. The createElement method (" value ");

but this wrote the font color is changed, is still inline elements, all have to define the style of display: block, but these many reset CSS code. In the CSS.
in order to support all new html5 tags, you can write so

 code is as follows: 

function html5 () {
var I=0, html5tag=(" value ", "figcaption", "figure" and "footer" and "header" and "hgroup", "nav", "section");
the for (I in html5tag) {
the document. The createElement method (html5tag [I]);


or call the Google code repository:

 code is as follows: 

<! -- [if lt ie 9] >
<Script SRC="" > </script>
<! [endif] -- >

there are writing <! IE 9] - [if lte >
<Script SRC="" > </script>
<! [endif] -- >

the html5. Js function should be more strong, is not just older browsers that recognize html5 tags.
custom tag code is as follows:

<My> My
<You> You

 code is as follows: 

my {the font - size: 30 px; }
you {the font - weight: bold; }

gold chrome, FF, safari can identify, and also combined with the style.
but in IE also below the createElement method created to identify.
html5 DOCTYPE:
before always silly thought html5 that line concise <! Doctype html> Document header is used only in browsers support html5, has examined the data today just found a mistake, his understanding of the document header is not enough. This is backwards compatible. HTML5 short DOCTYPE declaration is for Firefox, Chrome and other modern browsers, browser and IE6/7/8 into the (quasi) standard pattern, you might be surprised IE6/7 can also support the HTML5 DOCTYPE, in fact, IE as a DOCTYPE conform to this format, can into the standard model.
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