Range of technology is more and more mature now, through a range of new features, such as box - sizing, boundary radius, text shadow, gradient, etc.) to create the effect of the front-end developer excited at already. Using CSS 3 front end design is the development trend of the future. So, if you are a front end designer, you need to master the latest technology, otherwise we are likely to be eliminated.

1. A, reference manual Idiomatic CSS
write unified, conform to the principle of CSS, have Chinese version.
2. CSS 3 Click Chart
sample code and CSS 3 features support table.
3. The range of the Selector
CSS 3 Selector that official manual.

4. HTML 5 & CSS 3 Support
major browsers Support for HTML 5 and CSS 3 cases list.

5. CSS 3 - Information and Samples
in view of the range of all kinds of Information and examples.

6. Sencha CSS 3 Cheat Sheet

7. Smashing Magazine CSS 3 Cheat Sheet

2, CSS code generation tool
1. The Gradient Editor
a powerful visual Editor CSS Gradient code, similar to the Photoshop gradients setup interface.

2. Gradient
CSS 3 Gradient code generator.

3. The Border Radius Radius (rounded corners)
Border code generator, by setting the four corners Radius Numbers, can be automatically generated code, and can directly to preview the effect.

4. The range of the Generator
through the visual form set various properties, including the text shadows, outline, boundary, gradient, transition, etc., and can automatically generated code.

5. CSS 3
gradient for boundary radius, shadow box, background and opacity of CSS 3 code generator.

6. LayerStyles
if you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, you will find that this tool is very nice.

7. CSSWarp
CSS code automatically generated path text.

8. The Font Squirrel
generate woff, SVG, eot and the vera.ttf Font format, and used in the CSS.

9. CSS 3 Maker
strong CSS 3 code generator.

10. CSS 3 Tool
various range of code generation Tool set.

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