VMware, the king of the virtual system, introduced before, see blog: weird virtual machine master – – VMware and VMware's many strong, one of which is easily in the virtual and real, to realize this wish, of course, have to install VMware Tools, ha ha, some people may not know how to install, especially under LINUX installation, today I put my installation process, and share with you ha ha, have a wrong, also please more
due to the limitation sina hair figure, only take WIN2008 and UBUNTU
VMware Tools under Windows system operating system installation

Windows operating system has always been the pursuit of easy to use, so ah, installation of VMware Tools is a very easy thing, see section PIC (with latest WIN2008 beta version, for example, other like XP and VISTA)

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VMware Tools is not installed, when in the status bar has a hint of VMware virtual machine

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installation step 1: click on the VM menu under the Install VMware Tools...

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the pop-up dialog box, confirm if installation, this is not nonsense, of course you want to install the

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for a while, the VMware Tools installation file is loaded into the system and automatically run the setup program in cd-rom

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ha ha, this needless to say, all the way &other; The next step &throughout; Just like the

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a major problem of the operating system, Windows system need to restart, restart the status bar displays for successful installation is all OK

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2. VMware Tools under UBUNTU install

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and WIN2008 virtual machine when the status bar shows the

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and WIN2008 still is the same as

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can be loaded into the optical drive, can't automatically installed, this is a big drawback, LINUX is poor usability

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UBUNTU is own synaptic installation manager, seems only command line installed manually

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command line window of UBUNTU is &other; The attachment &throughout; The &in the other Terminal &throughout; , good strange name

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looking and CMD is the same as the Windows system, however, is more like a notepad

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$sudo apt-get install build-essential
$uname -r(得到内核版本号)
$ sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`(把得到的版本号代入到'uname -r')
$ tar zxf/media/cdrom/VMwareTool-5.0.0-*.tar.gz(随版本号改变)
$ cd vmware-tools-distrib
$ sudo ./vmware-install.pl





well, the end can be installed to the boundaries between the real and virtual time to enjoy the pleasure

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This concludes the body part