I have been depressed for a long time, why? Recently received a customer complaint, for they couldn't make the software, says it is a little change to a browser reaction all have no. So boss first reaction was to transfer the complaint into our UI department, because the software of the UI is my design, and thus the nature is I to wipe.

I am a isn't particularly good UI engineer, this need to explain the UI is not art, artists and the position of image design, and the design of the UI is refers to the user interaction experience. I found a lot of the employing company now so-called technical interviewers don't know anything about this area really ah, I'm a the elder brothers is also a good UI designers to a company is said to have a cow fork interview, the interviewer a UI to do, rather than let him live with photoshop picture see ability, my buddy can only be left, finished went to hear the interviewer in the small voice called him 2 b.

but this modest in our company, the UI people do basically do not have so high (" interaction design yet, don't let you even the artist and the good, ^_^ ") . But between artist and I cooperation is the tacit understanding, generally after the project to determine the development, process development department personnel into the dog's code, the previous screen is by artists and me to communicate with the customer, usually is the same customer and in the early period of the pig god engineers communication processes, when customers are modified after N times his interface requirements, finally finalized, the foreman breathed a sigh of relief, the black and white mockups whole 1 days, customers feel OK to start dyeing, cut figure, and entered my job at this moment, div + CSS + ajax + basic js method library, here I first want to thank the jquery framework, without these things, my job is bound to be a tragedy (think about 10 years ago, my front desk development efficiency and rate of bugs found).

submitted UI developers more painful, the process of encounter a master coder was fine, usually fast and code for the integration and good coder won't modify your UI library, so that once appear, problem immediately to find the source and the next project also can reuse; If novice particularly opinionated newcomers that is very troublesome, here despite the Java or PHP, the company has a project is. Net development, developed the coder of this project is a beginner (at least I think he is a novice) and the coder believes he is omnipotent, original want me to do some of the things he do out in the service side, when I and the UI interface library when submitted to him by his modified beyond recognition, and repeatedly hinted that stuff I do on the qq is not good, should I improve to improve learning how to learn, easy to learn and humble I thought I met a great god, and by him and ask him for the modified interface and the library, I nearly met god: 1) commented out all of my ajax call library (later found out that due to my carelessness didn't send the jquery framework library to him, he found anything bad run after use is deleted, ok, is my problem); 2) interface validation shall be replaced by. Net's built-in validation (well, it is my problem); 3) delete the firefox in the CSS compatibility writing (that he editor is too smart, I can see the things I wrote have wavy lines, well, this is my problem), the most let me shock is not this, I found a lot of page elements encapsulated by him became a user control, need to be loaded when a form interface load n user controls, okay, I admit I'm a UI code don't understand, don't evaluation the practice, at least I see same department javaer or phper with template parsing model, don't spoil my UI prototype.

the above complaint, in fact I still like my job, because our domestic customers especially &other; Leadership throughout the &; , as a project manager with me to live demonstration, led by the first reaction is &other; Interface to do good, a gorgeous &throughout; , " Leadership &other; Will think my software did a good job, and would think that software is not working, what's more met a god lead level, the project is a web site, to see the links on the page after the points will become angry and furious, said our website is not rigorous, is a serious bug, frighten of I little heart plop plop jump for a long time, and then write a decisive in CSS {color: black}, a: visited... All black.

I again I still very love my job, though, in the company, the boss often ignored me, big boss think like me &throughout; Graphic &other; A scratch on the market a lot. But throughout the &; Understand technical &other; Knows that I and the importance of a good UI scarcity, often handed out bonuses, department of my boss will be extra subsidies allocated part of the department to extra sent to me, this let I was moved for a long time, I vowed to continue their studies, and technology to the next level.

I love my work, although every time wipe all is me, every time after I carefully looking for bugs found is coder per my script library, but I can't tell the customer or the big boss is coder problem, I will have the courage to take responsibility, when the coder red face said to me: &throughout; Sorry &other; . I am very satisfied.

I love my job, I now also brought several aspires to make a good UI are volunteers. I do not like to more to explain is the UI team some coder team, we don't have any argument (against), jealousy and malicious competition, we only have a plenty of the work of conscientious and responsible attitude and on beauty, appreciation of art.

I love my job, although income than those advanced coder in the company, but have extra income every month, every month I additional use of spare time to do some UI design for other boss. I believe that I value a little worse than coder.

I love my job, my next year plan is to make better, more considerate of the UI. I don't pursue a promotion (because the UI promotion is inherently difficult to), not the pursuit of high salary, a UI is the infinite pursuit of beauty, of human nature. At least my year-end report.i need only 200 words can finish, and no one will have for me &throughout; Don't seriously to summarize &other; Point of view.

yesterday, I was asked in the software industry is happiness? I said to happiness. Ask me why, I answer: &throughout; I am in town on the way go the most easily the most artistic person &other; .

This concludes the body part