special statement:
code is as follows:

<Script SRC="http://www.script-home.com//web/js/retina.js" ></script>
</strong> Absolutely simple way, is the use of retina. Js script to call retina image control. Simple point said, retina. Js will automatically check your images in the directory &throughout; @ 2 x &other; Image and then replace the ordinary images in Retina device. </p><P> <Strong>
CSS change method </strong> [code]
@ media>

  code is as follows:  

<Img SRC="http://www.script-home.com//web/images/snarf@2x.jpg" width="300 px" height="150 px"/>

CSS method is through &throughout; Media queries“ To control the background image of elements, but can be used in HTML &throughout; Img“ Picture of label, it is very simple, in " Img" Label in the loading &throughout; @ 2 x &other; Image, and then through &throughout; Img“ Label &throughout; Width“ And throughout the &; Height“ Attribute values to zoom the image, in order to achieve common image size.# 0 - #

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