as the basic elements of web, images is one of the key factors influencing the page loading speed. And images related to website optimization of technology have CSS Sprites (image), lazy loading, pictures of progressive enhancement, and so on. To share below web page optimization of some of the best tools and techniques.


TinyPNG using smart lossy compression techniques, in order to reduce PNG file size.


Smush. It.

Smush it by deleting the unnecessary bytes information in the image file to reduce image size.



OptiPNG is a PNG image compression tools, information is not lost.



by finding the best compression parameters, eliminate unnecessary comments and color profile that can handle a PNG, JPEG and GIF animation image.



CodeKit can help you build faster, better sites, it can also help you optimize your images.



imgo is a lossless image automatic optimization tools. To put in a folder image maximum optimization.


jQuery the Lazyload

jQuery plugin for delay pictures delay loading.

image optimization articles recommended

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