The optimization of information and refining is always the first step in the design. Throughout the &; This is baidu union user experience center a word on the Banner. In yourself in the process of web page design, more and more of such generalizations have first-hand experience and ideas. The refined, of course, the content of the sentence actually contains very much, I think, at least including the four aspects: first, from the website of the appeal, the web site placed what information is needed to better the implementation of the web site? What information is need to keep? And what information is need to put in other pages or even simply discard it? Second, for the determination of has been placed on the page of information, how to write a word, choose a better image to achieve functional and visual beauty of perfect unity? Three, to distinguish the importance of information, which is important and need to focus on performance? And what is secondary some information? After four, distinguish between information of primary and secondary, on the layout, color, size, namely, how to better highlight on the vision and performance?
the four parts of each part are almost endless topics to discuss, so in this article, I only on the fourth, is the core content and web page visual relationships to comb and summarize their some understanding in this aspect, will try to write what I consider, and give some specific cases to illustrate my point, for better understanding.
a, the influence of the core content for the page layout# 0 - #

This concludes the body part