In the website construction, HTML and CSS are almost all kinds of problems, open the home page, view the source code, full screen all HTML tags, no fewer than dozens of div.
includes two kinds of elements in the HTML inline elements (inline elements) and block elements, and how do you understand?

element of inline elements is not a newline, and size can be adaptively. A img the font span, for example, when we build a website, the inside of the text is inline elements.
block element is no matter how much content and width height will wrap div p li, for example, according to general use on the layout of the site.
inline elements and block element mutual switch used display: inline block, the two CSS properties..
to included in block elements inside inline elements if you used display: inline - block;
the inline only for internal use containing inline elements.
inside inline elements can contain inline elements do not contain block element as far as possible.
block elements inside inline elements can be nested and block element.
on the site is float, float to drift to the parent element borders, or before a floating element border, floating menu is very useful in the use of ul li do
can be used when the made menu can also be used when the floating div.

float: right;# 0 - #

This concludes the body part