almost every program needs to use pictures. Now let me introduce the front end +PHP back-end, WeChat small program to upload pictures, and share it for your reference. Let's have a detailed introduction below. The following

, a

method: wxml file

 < text> /text> < aion < view> button; < bindtap= uploadimg > click choose to upload maps < /button> < /view> < image src='{{source}}'style='width:600rpx; height:600rpx' /> 

two, JS

 Page file (* * / / * * {data: {/ / initial data page is initialized to the empty source:''} / * * * * uploadimg:function upload pictures () {var that = this; wx.chooseImage ({/ / from the local picture album or camera using count: 1, 9 sizeType: ['original''compressed'] / / default. You can specify, / / is the original or the default compression map, the two have sourceType: ['album','camera'], you can specify the source / / the album or camera, the default two have success:function (RES) {//console.log (RES) / that.setData (front display {source: res.tempFilePaths}) / / local file path to return a list of selected photos, tempFilePath can be used as SRC's img attribute var res.tempFilePaths wx.uploadFile display pictures tempFilePaths = ({url:'', filePath: tempFilePaths[0], name:'file', success:function (RES) console.log ( {/ / print}})}})}),}


 three back-end code / / function (uploadimg) public upload pictures {$file = request (->); file ('file'); if ($file) {$info = $file-> Move; ('public/upload/weixin/'); if ($info) {$file = $info-> (getSaveName); $res = ['errCode'=> 0,'errMsg'=>' upload success','file'=> $file]; return JSON ($res);}}}


style = "

at 2018010103036? "Said the success!

all above is the summary of this article, I hope this paper has some reference value of learning to learn or work, if in doubt, you can exchange messages, thank you for the support of the script.

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