Product designers in the face of complex and large manufacturing system and diversified market, its knowledge system to have a combination of breadth and depth. Design is a process of gradual, deepening, so are we facing cross discipline system, and in-depth technical inquiry. When domestic industrial design education is in a heated debate when the design is the art or technique, might as well take a step back to think, both integration and independent design itself, is both dependent and has irreplaceable significance in itself. Look to the society as a whole, the design object is our life or way of life, deeply loves the life, therefore, is sensitive to the exquisite experience of life and sense of touch is the base of become a good designer.
so what we should learn? How to build a powerful at the bottom of the knowledge system in order to make it to design implemented? Here is Dieter Rams the design of the ten principles, short and generalizes the multiple language reflects the design oriented:
Dieter Rams, an affected several generations of designers design masters, will good design refinement as the essence of language. We are going to the ten principles of decomposition, will face the merger related, can draw five dimensions as shown in figure 1-1: namely, function, form, concept, attitude and responsibility.

house designers need knowledge script

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