TW before the body of the page in order to consider small display small wind rate of users, width 850 px, now with a big resolution of more and more users, in order to talk to the home page is unified, all want to change to 950 px. Because 2 years ago when page with CSS layout, so, although there are hundreds of thousands of pages of text page, but only change a CSS file and some related pictures, were changed. If use the table layout, not catastrophic consequences … ..

as early as a few years, the Internet has been the rise of CSS layout and Table layout controversy, some people disagree and think that the CSS is just a ao head, time-consuming and laborious, and some people were lingering IE6, tortured her eyes out at the end gave up the CSS layout, of course, this is not to say that the CSS is superior than the Table, the Table and div has its own unique characteristics. This also means that they have different value orientation, it is important for the development and design staff. Layout whether reasonable, whether to have good extensibility, whether there is a high efficiency, must be reasonable use of table and CSS to layout.
according to my experience, the way in what circumstances should use table, what circumstance should use CSS

a, in the following situations should try to use CSS to layout

This concludes the body part