For beginners or starters, tend to have this a few aspects of the question:What is a DIV + CSS? What is real?The advantage of DIV + CSS?Novice to learn div + CSS, introduction to how to?Use what software to layout of the page and edit the CSS?Can you provide several examples of specific explain how to implement?Such problems, it is the beginners the most frequently asked. Anyone to answer these questions and guess. But in the strict sense, div + CSS as wrong, just call, as we often do these non-tech-savvy users accustomed to it.1, then the DIV + CSS is what mean? What is real?To understand the meaning, the first page for you to have a certain understanding, to the relative table layout and div has a very good understanding, so it is easy to understand.DIV + CSS site standard (or "WEB standards") of one of commonly used terms, usually to illustrate with HTML WEB design language form (table) in the localization way difference, because XHTML WEB design standards, no longer use table positioning technology, but with the method of DIV + CSS implementation of positioning. Using div box model structure for each part into different blocks, and then use CSS to define the position of the box model, size, border, internal and external margin, arrangement, etc.Is English the CSS Cascading Style Sheets (Cascading Style sheet), it is a used to represent HTML or XML file such as the Style of computer language. When we use the table layout, have contact and applied to the CSS.Within the DIV element is used for HTML documents chunk (block - level) provides structure and the content of the background elements. DIV of all content between the start tag and the end tag is used to comprise this piece, one of the characteristics of elements contained by the DIV tag attributes to control, or through the use of style sheet format this piece to control.Say simply, div structure (framework) is used to build websites, CSS is used to create web site performance (style/landscaping), substance use XHTML website standardize reconstruction, using CSS will be separated from the content, facilitate website maintenance, simplify the code, the HTML page can obtain a relatively good site structure is convenient for maintenance, to work together in the future and search engine spiders crawl., of course, not all web pages need to use div layout, such as data page and report pages will still use the table, didn't say to abandon the table in the web standards. So-called DIV + CSS layout is a way to make people more worried about, don't let the DIV as an alternative to the Table, multilayer nested DIV will seriously affect the code can be read, use HTML to provide us with the label.2, what is the advantage of DIV + CSS?1: phase separation performance and contentGetting rid of the part design on an independent style file, HTML file to store text information only. Conform to the W3C standard, companies such as Microsoft are all supporters of the W3C. That is the most important, because this ensures that your website will not eliminated because of the network application upgrades in the future.2: improve the efficiency of search engine for web indexUse only contain structured content HTML instead of nested tags, search engine will search more effectively to your web content, and may give you a high evaluation.3: code concise, increase the speed of page viewsFor same page visual effect, adopt CSS + DIV refactoring capacity than TABLE code page file capacity is much smaller, more concise code, which generally are only 1/2 size. For a large site, can save a lot of bandwidth. And support the browser of backwards compatibility, that is, whatever the future of the browser wars, victory is IE7 or firefox, your website can be very good compatibility.4: easy to maintenance and redesignStyle of the adjustment more convenient. Separation of content and style, make the page and adjustment of style is becoming more convenient. You can simply change a few CSS file to redesign the page of your web site. Now YAHOO, MSN and other international portal, netease, sina and other domestic portal site, and the mainstream of the web site, all use of DIV + CSS framework model, more apposite than in the DIV + CSS is the trend of The Times.3, novice learning div + CSS, introduction to how to?Learning anything is, from the primary, secondary, university, besides learning knowledge is to learn to approach! If you want to learn good standardization of web page layout, to abandon the traditional table layout is formed when a fixed mode of thinking, using div layout, starting from the content. And must has a good knowledge of HTML tags, see at least want to know how to use it, what to do. Because one style it is not possible from the HTML page, the HTML doesn't combine with style, CSS has lost the existence significance. Then there is the CSS, commonly used must be able to write CSS styles.Approach to learning can find on the Internet now a tutorial or data, such as the site in September 2010 the new "ten day learn to web standards (div + CSS) new in June, the new series video tutorial about the common problems and CSS page layout before primary introductory tutorial video tutorials, div + CSS web design (behind the two series is a bit old, suggested that learning the front), is a very good tutorial, believe that through this series of study, you can start it soon.Also recommend a few book: the CSS authority "website reconstruction" guide to the layout: a memoir, "" HTML reference". Read a book, generally speaking the first time to read through the whole book, don't understand also want to look down, in the process of looking down you may find the answer to that question. Do you have a rough impression after the play, but there must be a lot of not understand place, it doesn't matter, continue to look down. The second time you have to do learn by watching them take notes, write down do you think is the key part, and you feel the doubt part of also want to write down, with doubt see bottom go to, if there is no answer, you can send a post to BBS, the man still have a lot of, tip 1: "must learn how to ask questions!" . Computer you want to practice the book example, the most let you confused: "one is not remember, the other is the understanding of concept is wrong, this one may be a book translation is not good, is also your understanding is not right)", for the first article you will build confidence, keep stick to it. When you reach the finish you back to find everything is a natural thing. Because you work hard, efforts will have return, have the result.4, use what software to layout of the page and edit the CSS?About this problem, as long as you have been able to reach the level of handwritten characters, the software with can be anything, such as notepad. For beginners it is recommended to use DreamWeaver (site home page provide a download entry), Microsoft FrontPage of alternatives to Microsoft Expression Web or TopStyle.5. Can you provide several examples of specific explain how to implement?For instance, the site launched a detailed cutting, div from making rendering, page layouts, CSS positioning beautification etc. Detailed tutorial from the beginning to the end:, is divided into three articles, I hope to be of service. If direct study of this article is a little difficult, then from the ten day learn to web standards (div + CSS) "on the first day of the start learning! 

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